Lillian Becker

Instructor and Trainer: Lilly is ARIA Certified in both Eventing and Dressage. She graduated cum laude with her Bachelor of Science from the University of New Hampshire, with a concentration in Equine Industry and Management.

Lilly has studied classical Dressage in Alcancia, Portugal and trains in Florida with Dave Moore in Reigning. She currently competes in Endurance with her half Arabian stallion, but has competed in various sports.

Lilly specializes in the retraining of OTTBs and horses with behavioral problems. In her “free time” she is the Sky Farm Equestrian Club 4-H co-leader.

Lilly uses a balanced approach to training and instruction, taking into account the ability, fitness, mental state, nutrition and confidence of the horse and rider. She works to develop partnerships between the instructor, student and horse for success in competitions. For pleasure riders she builds or restores confidence to both the horse and rider in a fun way.