Horse Leases

We offer horses for full and half lease as a means to understand horse ownership prior to making a purchase. This way a person will fully understand the challenges and gifts that come with horse ownership.

A half lease is $300.00 per month and a full lease is $600.00 per month and we offer a selection of horses to choose from. 

Hi! My name is Qui C’est Moi, but everyone calls me Key. I’m leased by Stella. My birthday is April 4th, 2011 and I’m an OTTB from Florida. I am excited to say I think I just found my niche as an event horse. I love treats, neck and forehead scratches, playing in puddles, and having fun with my friends! I also like listening to music and going on hunter paces. Come by sometime and say hi!
My jockey club registration is Four Star General. I take my job as a General seriously. I am the leader of the horses at Sky Farm. I’m also quite popular with the mares – can you blame them – look at me! I also love to perform – whether eventing or at clinics, with Logan who leases me. Oh, and it’s true, real men do wear pink!
I’m excited to be back at Sky Farm after a few months of vacation! I’m being leased by Jayme who has plans for us to compete at the youth dressage festival. We’ve only been together for a month, so we’re still getting to know each other. I’m a willing learner and I can’t wait to show her what a great jumper I am!
My name is Buzz Light Year… but I go by Buzz. I am a Canadian Warmblood. What is really neat about me is that my mom was a Shetland Pony and my dad was a Canadian Warmblood. Courtney leases me and we are getting along great. We focus on dressage and trail riding. Even though we’re both very capable of showing, and have both done quite a bit in the past, we actually enjoy pleasure riding the best. Did I mention that I have huge feet?

Available For Lease

16.3 Hands
Trail Riding
11 Hands
Shetland Pony
Sport Pony