Sky Farm Riding Stables is a family of Eventers and Dressage, Pleasure, Endurance and Hunter Pace Riders. They share a love of horses and a desire for themselves, their children or loved ones to become stronger and more confident riders and people. The gift of horseback riding and specialized instruction allows riders to overcome obstacles, push beyond self-perceived limits and connect with their horse. Those who choose Sky Farm come to understand the importance and value associated with properly caring for an animal and the responsibility that comes with sharing time with a horse.

ARIA Certified Instructor, Lillian Becker, has a unique ability to understand animals and people.  Her gift is seeing something in you that you cannot see in yourself and helping you develop personalized goals.

Although we invest in the well-being of our horses, we also care about our riders. We work with new riders to give them a solid foundation and confidence to succeed in riding and life.  We empower experienced riders by teaching them the tools they need to excel in competition. We support our riders who ride for pleasure. Most importantly we offer a safe, educational, respectful and trusting environment in which all of our horses and students can grow and thrive in the discipline of their choice.