Instruction / Training

Lilly Becker coaches a student before competing at Old Chatham Mix and Match.
Focus and visualize.

Beginners experience a solid foundation in which they learn to be safety conscious, groom, tack up and take care of their horse.

Students are matched with horses of the appropriate level. Individual and group lessons are offered, daily. Dressage, Jumping, Cross Country and Trail Lessons are available, and we have experience working with students who have special needs. Riders of all ages are welcome, as are pleasure riders and those who are competitive.

We work to build a partnership between the rider and horse, and build confidence in the rider and horse. At sky farm there is an emphasis on proper horsemanship…where the riders learn to speak the language of the horse. We teach riders to be competent and relaxed and introduce students to a broad range of equestrian activities.

Dressage schooling show with OTTB.
A job well done.

To us at Sky Farm, horse training is the art of teaching a horse to look to us for leadership. This trust allows them the confidence to perform to the best of their abilities. We take pride in bringing along horses who are struggling with common training and behavior problems, as well as starting young horses and we specialize in problem horses and OTTBs.

We always begin the process with proper ground work exercises to help build confidence, strength, and to develop correctness.

For private, semi-private and group lessons please contact us.

Water jump at Larkin Hill Horse Trials.
Confidence through the water.