Our Lesson Horses

The majority of our horses come from extensive showing backgrounds in various sports: dressage, eventing, hunter/jumpers, competitive trail, reining and therapeutic programs. Some were born locally while others have traveled across the ocean before arriving at Sky Farm. Our smallest pony is 11 hands and our largest horse is just shy of 17 hands.

Horses are selected for the program based on the needs of our clients and their skill sets. Our priority is finding horses that are safe, dependable, forgiving and skilled at teaching – which is why we call them “schoolmasters”. We offer various personalities and breeds to best serve our riders. We respect our lesson horses and schedule their lessons so that they are not required to work beyond their comfort level. We work hard to make sure they are well taken care of and all of our horses have their own tack and grooming supplies to help ensure optimum care.

Below are just a few of our lesson horses – check back as we update our horse bios!


“Hi, I’m Ginger Snap, but you can call me Ginger. I’m very fortunate that my mom, Kelly Newkirk, allowed me to be leased to the Sky Farm lesson program! My favorite things are jumping, running through the woods, and most importantly grass. Even though I’m a Shetland Pony, I love teaching people to ride! I may be little at only 11 hands, but I’m full of power.”


“My name is Peanut Butter, but my friends call me Peanut…however at horse shows I go by Jolly Gentleman because I’m a really nice guy. I was so happy to be adopted from Aikendale Horse Rescue by the great people at Sky Farm! All of my friends at the horse rescue were thoroughbreds, but I’m used to that, because when I was younger I was a pony horse at Saratoga Race Track. My job was to keep the race horses calm on the way to the starting gates. I am a confidence builder for beginner riders, but I also love hunter paces, eventing and I’ve shown at the Youth Dressage Festival.”