Additional Services

Our goal is to provide optimum care and we are pleased to have Freedom Equine Bodywork, Kilshannagh Veterinary and our local hay providers as part of our family.

Veterinary Services: Kilshannagh Veterinary Clinic offers trustworthy local veterinary care. Experienced and based in nearby Ancram, NY.

Farrier: Lydia studied at the farrier program at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is reliable, honest and always works hard.

Shipping: Shipping rates are calculated based on several factors including the distance and number of horses in the trailer.

Our hay comes from the fields of two local farmers, one in Copake and the other in Millerton. It is delivered regularly to help ensure our horses receive dry and dust-free hay. Our local hay providers offer three options:

  • top quality first cutting square bales
  • top quality first cutting round bales
  • palatable second cutting