Sky Farm Riding Stables is a family…people brought together through horses and a desire for themselves, their kids or loved ones to become stronger and more confident riders and people – through the gift of riding. Through expert instruction from Lillian Becker, riders learn how to overcome obstacles, push beyond self-perceived limits and connect with their horse. Those who choose Sky Farm will also understand the importance and value associated with properly caring for an animal and the responsibility that comes with sharing time with a horse.

Lilly has a unique ability to understand animals and people on another level.  Her gift is seeing something in you that you can’t see in yourself, knowing what your need to get out of your riding lessons, either that day or long-term, and working with you to achieve your goals.

At Sky farm, we care about you and your horse.  We take new riders and give them the foundation and confidence to succeed in riding and life.  We take experienced riders and make them better. We not only care about our horses, but we care about our riders.

Sky Farm is a family.